52 Reads Project

In trying to set new goals for myself, I stumbled upon these:

I want to blog more.

But I don’t want to just blah blah blah about myself all the time.

I want to read more books. 

Which seems silly. I read books. However, like with most things, I do so devotedly but haphazardly. And while I spend most days recommending books to other people, I find myself in a rut when it comes to picking books for myself.

I suppose I could use some website with predictive algorithms, but frankly, I already know that I love surreal literature featuring smarmy female protagonists.

I could also close my eyes and point to the shelves at work, but I’d probably just keep pointing my fingers toward the authors that I like (Oh, hello again, Mr. Saunders) or the book that I should read but probably won’t finish (Let’s try this again, Mr. Thackeray).

Hey-a, long lost friends, enemies, acquaintances, lurking strangers, and perhaps a few poltergeists: please, tell me what to read.


I want to collect titles and schedule my year to read a suggested book every week. I’ll also post a reaction at the end of the week (maybe more than one depending on the book).

I want to encounter books that I would never touch and commit to finishing them even when they are too romance-y or contrary to my political leanings or full of orcs.

I won’t keep my commitment to these sorts of reads unless I have at least one other soul waiting for me to finish on the other end.

Of course, this can be fun for you. I am committing to read each book within a week. I am a slow reader and averse to long books–Flannery O’Connor is one of my favorites because of her cruel brevity–but I will keep my commitment to one book a week regardless of page count. Even if it requires all the coffee and several dictionaries. If I ever wronged you, feel free to War & Peace me, or whatever.

I am open to all genres (including romance, picture books, self-help, politics, essays, religion, Amish romance, metaphysical books written by embryos, heist stories that lose their way, memoirs about hair loss, and–of course–graphic novels). I am hoping to encounter a lot of different perspectives, identities, writing styles, and ideas.

If you want to participate in this nonsense project all you need to do is fill out this brief form with the title you’re suggesting and a little bit of background on why you are recommending the book. If it’s a spite recommendation, feel free to mention that as well–I love malice of any kind!

I’ll procure the books for myself. I’m great at tracking stuff down. However, if the book is not released yet or way out of print, I might need to schedule it later in the year.

Once again fill out the form if you want to participate:

I have a 52 Reads suggestion!